Tigerstripe Designs




Helping entrepreneurs and creatives across the world
to showcase their brand. Transform, with us. 


Tigerstripe Designs was founded in 2017, alongside Malala Yousafzai starting at Oxford, the Royal engagement and a whole host of hugely popular events. Originally a creation of the mountains of Snowdonia, now part of the great cityscape of London and Manchester, at Tigerstripe Designs we aim to empower entrepreneurs and creatives with great design and a completely self-manageable system. 

We believe that design and presentation is absolutely key to a brands success. We also believe that entrepreneurs and creatives don't need to keep paying huge monthly fees to slow developers, just to be able to make minor changes to their website.

That's why each of our websites combines brilliant design and self sufficiency. Our websites run on the Squarespace platform, which allows for any editing or content changes to be made in a simple and quick manner. 

That’s just us though. The real question is, what will your website look like?